A humble man when to visit a wise old man and told him that he no longer loved his wife and that he was thinking of leaving her.

The wise old man listen, looked into his eyes and only reply with one word:

“Love Her”. —then he stood quiet—.

“But is that I don’t feel anything for her anymore.”

“Love Her,” —the wise old man said—.

And after noticing the look in the visitor face, after a brief silence, the wise old man added the following:

IMG_1787Love is a decision, not a feeling.
Love is dedication and commitment.
Love is a verb, and the fruit of that action IS LOVE.
Love is the exercise of gardening:
You take out what is damaging, prepare the land, cultivate, be patient, pore water and tended.
Be aware, because there will be plagues, dry days or excessive rains, despite that don’t abandoned your garden.
Love your partner, I mean, accept her, value her, give her your LOVE and you’ll be happy.


**Note; I am not the author of such beautiful piece, however someone had share the bottom image and I thought why not translating it and sharing it with all you beautiful souls. Truly the more years you gain in life the wiser you become. Thank you for reading it and share it with your love ones.