Working on myself ! Trust

How can I possibly trust someone ?. Seems to me the more I try the more disappointed I end up being.

See for me trust is not just based on what people just say but of what they do, actions speak louder than words. That’s what everyone says. I do believe in the saying. We tend to say so much, mainly when we’re upset and is often things we do not even mean, they are words that just come out of our mouths wrapped up with the rage we are feeling at the moment but nothing more. They are often words that we don’t even take a second to think about, but just go ahead and say them out loud anyways. Words that hold no weight but still cut people off like a switchblade. This is because people are so delicate nowadays. Me, I was hurt so much with words throughout my life that they don’t even mean shit to me. For me, you need to show yourself with actions, thats how you’ll earn my trust, plain simple.

Everyone wants to trust everybody, everyone is being naive !. People want to make you trust them for their own benefit, nothing more. Everyone thinks someone else trust them, again, everyone is being naive !.

I do not trust anyone, and what make me feel good about it is the fact that they all know it, they know am not selling myself to them, they know I won’t say anything unless is what I think weather they like it, admit to it or not. People that are more close to me than others know that with me is either actions or no communication at all. I do not care of what you say or are saying to me, I want you to show me and mean what you want to say to me.

Trust is hard to come by because of all the personal games we are all playing with each other.


If you are popular the people around you will say anything and make you believe that they believe in you just because they either want to be in the position you’re in or because they want what you have. Or simply because they want something greater than the material things they can get from you, (the list can go on), so they do this to be able to get it and once they do, boom, it’s over for you, you are left alone, used and wounded from all the stabbings.

You are often trying to better yourself so they come acting of how attractive, important you are and how they find you different and more special than the rest, but it is only to get to know you better, see what can they take from you, how can they damage you because your doing better, and then again, is all over, boom. Now your left with all this negative thoughts and feelings towards the world but it was nothing personal, it was just about all the personal games someone else played with you for their own personal gain, to get you to lose your own game, (bettering yourself).

You are only trustworthy to most members in your family as long as you can somehow be either the one with the big name, meaning the one who did or is doing so great , or because you are the one who made everyone else recognize not only yourself but your entire family as well, meaning you are the role model.

If you’re trying to meet new people for a personal relationship, ugh, nowadays that is the worst. Why?. Because no one in this generation wants to be with someone who can’t do nothing for them. Meaning, you can only meet and be able to be with someone if that someone can provide not only for him/herself but also for you. The  list of examples of this part can go so long but I am sure you all know so many different scenarios. In which case I will leave to your own imagination.

Went you’re the person who moves up in the world, like they say, you are nothing but a ladder to the rest of the world. Most people you come across with, will learn to find a way to use you, to be carried right to were you are headed, this is only for you to take them with you. It is so hard to meet someone genuine, someone who is truly happy for you or someone who will just give you a hand. Or the ones that I trust, who to me are the most important ones, someone who just admire what you do without taking anything for his/her advantage, someone that will truly never hurt you.

Now to a simple point.

I am often working with my trust because you do find people who are worth the risk taking and some you can actually learn from, in a good way. But, I do not trust 99% of the people I either come across with or have near by. Reason is because I see such a big difference between who and how I am from who and how they are. I see what I am capable of doing for not only them but just about anyone, but I also see in them what they are capable of doing for me and for everyone else. Lets just say that in my eyes, the bridge to cross for my trust is longer than the San Francisco bridge. You do not have some words to say, but some walk to do.

Trust is very hard to come by, do not have people tell you they trust you, or vice versa. Have them and yourself show it.




Source: Working on myself !

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