Thanks Given


Meanwhile on this particular day all of us are wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving Day, given thanks to everyone, but yet, most of us don’t even give thanks to GOD, thanks to Jesus.

Most of us don’t even sit back and think what this day is really about, we all so eager in getting dress up, getting things set up, so when our love ones show up they can enjoy it, making a great variety of food for the occasion, playing music so we can all dance and pleasure ourselves, serving drinks and making toast so we can forget everything else, except that particular moment, our moment of joy.

Is no longer how it used to be, everything change, including days like this one, so special….  

Today I’ll have a meal whit my son, just the two of us, at the end that’s the family I built. I have brothers and sisters like anyone else, but even though they are family, I just believe that they are actually my mother and father’s family, (It’s just the way I think), they will always be there for me as well as I am for them and even though am doing this as a personal choice I’m doing it because I need peace with myself, I need to realice the things that have been given to me and the ones that I should be real grateful for, and give thanks for those, but I mean thanks from my heart. See if I was just celebrating this day like anyone else I probably wouldn’t give thanks at all, I mean think about it, we all just get caught up with the moment and just forget the real meaning of this day, It’s just how things are becoming.

I sit back to think how it has been, how things have taken place in my life and honestly speaking I thank you LORD for everything, absolutely everything, every single moment, every situation that you had place me in or had place in my life either positive or negative, they all have thought me so much and I am truly grateful for it, they have make me the man that I am today and for that I am very thankful. I thank you because you are the one that show us that special light in each and everyone of us in so many different ways, but speaking only for myself I can say and assure that it has been the way it has because thats the way you wanted it for me, and I can just simply say that no matter the outcome, for me it was great, everything has been such a journey in my life, for better or worst, and I just get on my knees and evince my thanks to you God simply because am still alive.

I thank my mother for raising me the way she did, she did the impossible, the best she could and even though we get at each other from time to time, it seems that I’m the only one who doesn’t stay shut and speak his mind either she likes it or not, Jesus but you know that I still love her no matter what, and that deep inside I mean no harm, she’s all I got, there is no woman on earth like her, I love you mom and am sorry for all the trouble I have cause you and maybe for the ones that are yet to come, but you know how I am. I thank my sisters and brother for everything they have done for me whenever I need it help, going back to when I was just a child, until now that I’m a grown man. I thank those who are like brothers to me, “like we say, brothers and sisters from another mother”, for every moment you encourage me, when you told me not to give up, for the times you sat back and just listen, cry, laugh and bogged out with me, I thank you all for just understanding me and giving me advice, for been there when I was down, for not turning your backs on me, thank you for been honest, for been just you, for been real.

I also thank the most important person in my life, MY SON, even though you can read this but maybe not understand it yet, I thank you for being my son, you brought light and meaning to my life, thanks for making me laugh at your faces, for the things you come up with, for crying and making messes when I’m cleaning, thanks for the way you have made me realized how important life is and how should I appreciate being around you, thanks for the 20,000 questions you always have for me, lol, thanks for putting a smile, for showing me how to be a father, how to say I LOVE YOU, thanks for teaching me, thank you Son. You are everything in my life and daddy is always gonna be around.

Thanks Jesus and God for helping me and been with me at all times, thanks for giving me the life I have, thanks for allowing me to be part of this world, thanks because I AM STILL BREATHING…. THANKS YOU BOTH FOR BEEN MY LORD AND SAVIOR !.

Happy Thanksgiving day to all you guys.

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