ALS #IceBucketChallenge

ALS  known as ‘The Lou Gehrig’s Desease

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Im my opinion is good to have some sort of movement that we all can be a part of and maybe have some fun while being a port of it, but I will like all of you to actually think on something…

Don’t you think that with the same will and energy most of us ‘who are actually doing this’ should think deeply into this situation ?

We somehow want to help others, specially if we can but, in this case I think a lot of us are not really doing whats right, there is a lot of people putting videos of this Ice Bucket Challenge but yet does not make any donation, some which the reason is simply because they have no way to get money for a donation, but most to be honest and you can actually see it on their videos, is that they don’t really care about making any donation, they are just doing it to be part of what’s taking place, perhaps to be one more in the group, perhaps just to be one more who does what others do, yet they fail to be leaders, and those that fail to be leaders fail simply because all this web pages got us mess up, we don’t want to see reality, we just want to be part of something, even if it does not make any sense to us. I have a question for all those who have done the ALS IceBucketChallenge…


Do you even realized that you are maybe helping the ALS desease by putting up a video on your web pages but yet, you are affecting those who are in need of WATER ?, Do you even thought of adding up all those buckets full of water and ice that we all over the world are just trowing out and DONATE them to the people around the world who are desperate and in need of water ? I truly don’t think we have realized this !.

I will be honest, I have not accept it the ALS IceBucketChallenge and I will not accept it, simply because I honestly don’t have money to donate, and that just the truth, but if I have the opportunity to donate in the future for the cause I will, and I definitely put a video of it in all my web pages but, I WILL NOT DO IT WASTING WATER in that manner, I will just be a part of it by really doing what they really wanted us to do, just donating, giving a little hope so they can continue with their research for those with the ALS Desease, and if there is a way for me to donate that bucket full of water and ice, I WILL DONATED for these in need of water around the globe.

Pete Frates Particpates In The ALS Bucket Challenge



I don’t think I should say again that this is just my opinion on this matter, everyone in the world should be entitle to do what they want and better yet what they feel is right for them. So you all do what you have to, but me, well I am not a follower, I AM A LEADER.


Pictures of Lou Gehrig’s and Pete Frates with his family






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