Insomnia2…Do you know what it feels like not to be able to go to sleep?, I guess some of us do.

Back again to the same story, trying to gatter my thougths, put everything together so I can be able to sleep, shit here we go again can’t find my sleep, can’t get myself together for the past couple of days…

Insomnia, wtf is this about?, so much bullshit on my head, need my fucking rest, don’t know what im gonna do, don’t even have a fucking clear view,.

Here, there are the pills, thank god I can not feel no more what I used to, but wtf im coming to ?, here we go putting more thoughts up, what’s the point ?, just drown myself with them, ohh no… I start thinking of you, how it could of been between us, how did I make you feel, can’t give me no more love, neather do I, all the love is gone, im sorry, life is suck, but what can I say, im just a man, making mistakes all over the place, but I reminisce on what could of been,.

Insomnia, no sleep what so ever, too many worries, too many things to handle, just so much bullshit on my mind at night, can’t get the rest I need, that I deserve, oh God give me the strength I need.  

I’ve come to realized of the things I care the most, so why should I decide to let it fuck all up?, nahh, no way, fuck this thoughts, this feelings, this worries, shit don’t give up, the nights are wonderfull, insomnia fuck you, am not worth coming for !, go mess up someone else’s nights,  im done, I have work, school, my son, you, my life, the house, everything around, fuck that, im gonna sleep tonight, if I could for a long time, shit, I can’t do this no more who am I kidding, im here and your gone, so why the fuck I can’t sleep ?…

Insomnia, you’re out, get the fuck out of my house, get the fuck out of my room, don’t need you around, here take your thoughts with you by the way, they not good for me, not any more, I’ll see you around though, but not tonight, at this time your company is not welcome, seriously not tonight !…

Gun ready to go, underneath my pillow, just in case, belive me, im gonna sleep, yes today !, don’t matter the way, fuck if your standing by it…

Some of us can’t do it, really, can’t deal with the bullshit, insomnia got us trap, so we somehow find a way to get that sleep, eather if is for those eight hours, or who knows, may be for way more than that, piz out.

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