The Sad Clown “just Feelings”

Sadness, Emptiness…


the-sad-clownIs everything that I withhold deep inside me, the world keep spinning nothing will stop it, my life keeps moving and it wont change. I guess that nothing can never stay the same, as the days pass by, my soul gets dry, more and more, and now I realized I have no more tears to cry, in the night with just the moon by my side, shining strong, giving her eternal support, I dweel in my pen and pad, writing this notes is all that I’ve got. Is the misstakes we made that teach us how we can better ourselfs, but is the tricks that lies infront of them that make us not learn aswell, it takes wisdom and courage to accept life as it is, move forward and not get stuck like this. As Im writing a slight tear shows up, is the sign of the real me who won’t give up, letting you know that it does not matter how things go, you will be the only one that I love…

In the other hand the devil is playing games on me, he seems to get away with it some how he got a curse on me, the more I try I’ve come to realized that nothing I say or do will make me see the truth, it’s funny, how am felling this way, my feet are not on the ground, the flying far away, the clouds seem to hold me down, and I refuse to let go, it’s crazy when the night comes I have no feelings left off, there is no reason to smile or laugh, no feelings of joy, is just the sour taste on mi mouth of the every day actions, the lonley feeling arise, the fucking devil puts tears on my eyes, isn’t this a bitch ?, I can’t no longer recall when was the last time I had that energy to be strong, but is like I say to myself, life is a bitch, but u got to continue to fight back, breath and smile, things happend for a reason… I don’t even know where the hell Im standing right about now all I know is that I am lost in this fucking prison of negative feelings, emotions and thoughts, that I can’t no longer see straight, but I’m not going to start looking backwards, thats for sure,  I guess it is what it is, because Life is simple, you make choices and you don’t look back…



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