**This note is wrote on spanglish by the way…


Esta pregunta me tiene harto…

Whats on ur mind ? The famous Facebook question…

Fuck right now shit, just the fucking pain of loneliness, if ya know what I mean, its crazy how shit is but fuck it, it is what it is. People have good shit around and don’t appreciated it, meanwhile others are so desperated to obtain it but that’s life, aint it ?. Diablo la verdad es que esta cabrón el no tener conquien compartir, uno pretende que no le afecta y en realidad, hey, todos tenemos sentimientos y nos afecta mucho el no tener esa persona conquien podamos compartir, so if ur one of the lucky persons who has someone then take advantage of it and spend time with each other, with no arguments or fights ’cause been alone is no joke…  I’ve been alone for quite a while now and it seems that is gonna continue to be like that for who knows how long, life is short so I have to be strong, get up on my feet and purse happiness, but real talk what the fuck that is ?, there’s no such thing, only dudes taking advantage of you, you tread them good and damn is like you give them the green like to just take shit from and step all over you, but then again if you don’t give a fuck  is wrong period. Well thats just the fucking first thing that’s on my mind…

What else ?… Pues esta mierda, pal carajo con todo el mundo y al que no le guste que resuelva., esta misma pendeja de estar tratando de complacer al projimo me tiene bien encabronao, y no lo digo porque lo este haciendo, sino porque es lo que el jodio projimo busca, como hacer para que las personas vean, piencen, y hagan lo que ellos desean que tu hagas, mera yo soy yo, y los demas son como son y sino te gusta aranca pal carajo, nadie tiene que ser como eres tu, se tu y ya, me encabrona cuando la jente se mete en tu vida y quiere que la vivas como ellos dicen o quieren, mere viva su vida y que se joda el otro cabron, tambien estoy arto de los hipocritas y del que quiere vivir acuesta tuya, mi hermano yo me eh jodio desde chamaquito y lo sigo haciendo sin decirle a nadie que me de la mano cabron, haga lo mismo y deje de estarse quejando, a llorar pa’ maternidad cabron…. Fucking bitch ass ppl who dont do nothing else but fucking complain, jeje, hey this is not the fucking 311 line bitch quit the shit and do something about it, everybody has issues and problems just find your way, alot of folks have done it, belive me, you’re not gonna get lost, quit wining, your not a fucking baby…

Shit one other thing before I forget, there is people that don’t like me, JAJAJA, motherfucker have you even bother of taking the time to get to know me ?, didn’t think so, but listen though I don’t blame you, shit you’re not my taste neither, I like rice and beans with chuletas, LMFAO. Let me ask ya this though, pa’ los gustos se hicieron los colores verdad ?, so nigga if im not the type of color you like keep it moving and then ask me if I GIVE A FUCK… Damn I have so many individuals that don’t like me and to have one more does not make any difference, the funny thing is that when the same dudes sees me with others they can’t stand the fact that is just way more people that love me and sure love to have me around than the ones who don’t, IM JUST ONE FUCKING AWSOME DUDE and you are hating so bad, ohh yes and im been real so if you don’t like what your reading, change the page you asshole, THIS IS MY PAGE AND MY NOTES AND I WRIGHT WHAT THE FUCK I WANT TO WRIGHT ABOUT ON IT,…….. LMFAO, THIS IS WHAT THE FUCK IS ON MY MIND FACEBOOK AND IF YOU DONT LIKE IT SHUT MY PAGE DOWN, or just change the question bitch…. lmfao, seeeee yaaaaaaa……….


**I told you guys, I write about anything that comes to my head…. lol

**And am a real big Eminem fan, so I’ll end this with, THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT ASSHOLE


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