wisdom2women2-1As a woman don’t let any man put you down, try to manipulate you, or even hurt you, allways remember that it was because of a woman persuing the weakness of a man that he became vulnerable and made a huge misstake…

As a woman give yourself the strenth that you deserve, because of you this world is what it is today, that because of you mankind exist, that because of you, us man are breathing today…

As a woman that you are, show this world that you are stong, that you wont give up, because you had life inside you for so long and keep going forward without thinking on destruying it, without hurting it, so if you as a woman was strong to do such a beautiful act, then you are a woman strong for any obstacles to come…

As a woman you thought this world values and moral so we can become men of good, and productive to this society…

As a woman you should know how beautiful and importan role you have on us mens, because us mens without you womans are absolutly nothing, that because of you womans we are who we are, and a man like me are proud of you womans… Especially the ones in my life.


**A while back someone had ask me to write something small for woman’s on they day, it was sometime in march, (can’t really recall the exact date) they kind of celebrate that date, but anyways, I end it up writing this and they liked it, so now I wish to share it with all the woman’s that can somehow read it, but most important that they can actually see who they are and what such an impact they have not only on us mens but in this society… Thank you all for been how you are.


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