Real happiness doesn’t depend on anyone but you !!

pursuit-of-happinessMany people seek happiness the wrong way. Either they think there’s nothing they can do against external circumstances, or they just sit there and wait for Luck or Destiny to come to their aid, thinking someone else can show them the way. They could wait for a very long time, because that kind of mentality never accomplishes anything.

You create your own happiness, and it depends solely on You. The first thing you have to do is decide what you want to do with your life, and set at least one goal for yourself.

It doesn’t matter whether you set material or spiritual goals. What does matter is that you have a direction to follow. Once you determine what your goals are, don’t count on anyone else but yourself to reach your destination.

Do everything you can to move forward with your plans. Think, speak and act in ways that bring you closer to attaining what you want, if only for a few minutes a day. That will keep you on the right track.
Each day that passes without you thinking, speaking and acting to further your objectives is a day lost. But if you keep your mind focused, you’re sure to succeed.

Don’t wait for events to become favorable, or for other people to come along and help you. Just do what you need to do, at your own speed, and be constant in your efforts. That way you’re sure to reach the shores of happiness. Give up on the idea of Luck or Destiny – your life is what you make it!

Don’t wait for life to start smiling at you. Instead, put on a happy face and smile at life!


**I need it to share this post with all of you, since in my personal life there’s so much doubt and inconsistency of going forward and being happy, thinking that there’s someone somewhere who is going to make me happy, unfortunately, there is no one to do that for me, but MYSELF, and I am pretty sure that just like myself are too many wondering and thinking the same. I really hope that this post could somehow help you think and see things not differently but the way they truly are.


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