Image Society often reads about correctional facilities and inmates, but may fail to understand what prison really is. You see, real prison is not what the outsiders know. The real prison is different. It’s a loneliness which sinks its teeth into the very souls of men. It’s a prison which is overlooked and unrecorded by newspaper, seldom read about it in books, rarely portrayed on the screen; it is a place where people strive to find themselves. It is a place where both hope and hopelessness, the drama of people paying a dept for years, knowing that there dept can never be paid in full. It’s a million dreams that can never be fulfilled. It’s too many tears without laughter; too much emotional darkness without light. It’s a routine that makes living a weary task. The real prison is a world that does not listen to the cries of many who are begging for friendship. It’s a place where peolpe live whose very existence has been forgotten by a world that is unable to accept them… a world that shouts it’s contempt for mixed up, fumbling society of misfits that are held in its grip. The real prison is where a worried mother’s face studies the face of a son who was once her pride and joy; her heart broken because drugs are destroying him, and there is nothing she can do about it. It’s when a loving grandmother lies silently in her bed at night, crying with prayers in her heart for the wayward granddaughter she loves and cherishes. It’s the constand thought of a friend who has failed you.


No bars of steel, locked doors, or fences. A person is in real prison when he is unable to return friendship and love. A person is in real prison when he forgets that there are other people in this world besides himself, and that they need to be respected also. A real person is in real prison when he cannot be honest with those who belive in him. When a man cannot seek forgiveness, serenity, and peace and becomes too blind to see a God’s goodness around him, then that man is on real prison, because you see…

THE REAL PRISON is within the HEART of the man., is not a concrete building surrounded with bars of steel.


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