A few days with a little prettie bird…

letting goOnce upon a time there was a bird, not just any bird, but the most prettie little bird my eyes has seeing, it brought with her the taste of pain, sorrow, sadness, and a lot of other negative fellings, but with my kindness, love, affection, words and acts, she began to feel happy, she began to live and breath again, she rejoice, she became lovable as well as me. But the care that I gave her was one of a kind, it was pure, sincere and honest. I was not expecting nothing from the prettie little bird but now that she can expand her wings again, she tells me… ”It is time for me to be who I truly are, can’t stay longer I must go !, it was god who decided for me to be a free bird, but don’t you get sad now !. I’ll allways remember you, because you broght me back to life when everyone else left me to die, because you show me love when everyone else put hate and sadness on my heart and soul and that human that save me, will always be remembered and be part of my life, it is because of that human that I am happy today and I should always be happy for. Not everyone is bad or has bad intentions, you have a pure heart, it is full of love, you’ll find what you’re seeking for”.

Remember, everyone who has life and feelings deserve to spread their wings, we are no one to decide or manipulate others to stay with us, because nothing and no one belongs to us, but we are most definatly to show love and kind for others just in case is in their nature to come back to us, for if they so decide it, it is because of our beautiful soul, full of love and kindness…


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