Life & Death

Life___Death_by_day_lightThere’s no such thing better than live to die. Life without death is just not a complete circle. Everything in life has a begining but also has an end… Am I alive or dead?, I dont know what to say… Am breathing, yeah, I know, but I have no soul, she’s gone, I no longer feel or smile, there’s too many tears on my eyes, even though you can’t see, but one day you’ll watch me cry… Is so sad, how this world goes by. New day, new begining, my 24 hours are spining, they go so fast, that i can’t realize, what’s the purpose of being alive… Shit, here I go again, the bible is open, the fruit of the word is comming, it keeps me goin, but for how long?, I can say that atleast it keeps me strong… Being alive is something that was given to me, I didn’t choose it, it’s definetly who I don’t wanna be, asking death to come around as soon as she can, when I’m depressed, down, felling lonely, with negative thoughts on my mind. I’m tired of trying, I’m tired of firering back, I’m tire of delling with the bullshit that life lays on my back… But I’m been me, ’cause thats all I can be, I promised myself that one day I’ll end up with better cualities… Shit, I don’t wanna take it no more, my peoples keep coming trying to support me and keep me strong, fuck., give me a reason of why should I care?, look around you, all this cats don’t even dare, everyone is trying to be someone they not, they seem so happy, common dude, ask me why I’m not?… Most of us are furtunate of the life that we have, but we fail to understand that and give thanks to GOD… As life keeps moving, I see that I’m having way too many issues, I lock myself in the bedroom doubting to make any initials, to make it stop to finally see the light on my path, I dwell  on my past, memories is all that I got… Death came around really very close to my eyes, taking too many friends even my bro GEORGIE for you I cry, the time we spend, the weed we smoke, the jokes you made, shit dogg, i miss all those fucking days, but don’t get it twisted even though I’m alive, you will never be forgatten ’till the day I die, I know your soul is resting next to the Lord, do me a favor bro, send me support from above… I’m goin insaine, I don’t even know what I think, the shit that I’m saying is crazy, but  is the truth indeed, I know that just like me there are too many around, the difference is that I stand and say it out laud, I won’t stop, trust me, I won’t give up, I know I’m gonna die, but I ain’t ready though… Here’s what I’m saying, I want ya to hear me out, live to the fullest ’cause that’s what I’m about….  Hell yeah, I’m good though, I’m living my life in search for my soul…. Even when I’m depressed I refuse to think about death.

Dedicated to my Brother from another Mother, Georgie Burgos… R.I.P


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