Moment of Silence ‘Lighters Up’

HNR06-MEXICO+ …Who ever said that life isn’t what we think it is?

It is actually exactly that of what you think and even more scary than, you will never imagine the things that are put in place for it to come, and to show us just a bit, just enough so we can appreciate it.

Is it so wrong to be one open soul ?, to just be who you really are?, Is it scary to realized that we can be as inocent and at the same time as harmless as a baby?… In my time there’s nothing more exciting than to just say; ”well this is me, this is what im choosing to be, this is who I am, and what I’m gonna do”…

Life itself brings so much wonder, it brings so much great moments, it brings pain, hate, love, and last but not least, it brings jealousy. Why do you think we are constanly living in a cloud of darkness, of lies, of revenge, and just that, of hate ?, It’s because we can’t accept the first question in this note, it’s because we can’t accept anyone the way they really are. We are nothing else but just a hole bunch of individuals that are hungry, that are starving, that are dying up, because we don’t have what really matters to us, and what’s really needed for us. It is because we are so empower of optainig what the person sitting next to us, or sleeping next to us, or even walking next to us have, it is because we are so eager on destroying the others in front, behind or aside of us…

My folks this is a Moment of Silence, keep your Lighters Up !!!

Silence !… Silence because we are here to hear what we are goin to say. Silence, because we are here to listen to what we are goint to proclaim. Silence, because it’s the best way for our inner us to understand, to get the point, to capture the moment. Silence, because we are so desperate for it, we are tired of so much noice, either we show it or not. Silence, because our souls need it, they are begging for it, they are crying out loud for just one single moment of that, silence. Why?, so they can speak, so they can make you open your eyes, your hearts, your feelings, so you can become one interesting and smart individual, so you can start using your brain…

Moment to be me, make you understand me, make you fucking hate or love me. This is me, who else I’m I supposed to be?. Life like they say it’s a bitch, and we just trying to fuck her, ain’t gonna be easy, but God never say it was gonna be hard neither, so put your lights up, stand tall, lets get the shine up, lets come out honestly out of our inner us and show who we really are, this is my moment, and I’m on it, I let it all out, and if you don’t like it, get the fuck out, it’s the moment when the truth come out, when I tell you all, how I feel and even what I see, something we are not so used to hear, it is the moment when I tell you what I think, my opinion, what I belive, it is the moment when you deside what’s real or not, it is the moment that you look upon yourselfs and see within you that we are not so different from one another, if you want to accep it, this is your Moment of Silence, it is the moment for you to speak when I’m done, it is the moment for you to accept the truth that lies upon you…

… See, I’ll tell you about you, you are not so different from me, am I misstaken?, don’t really think so, you hate so badly people getting in yor bussiness, but you love to get in other’s shit, don’t you?, you feel desperate when no one to talk to, but hate when too many ears around, you think so much neagative things of others, but praise yourself like if you where perfect, you think is all good with you, but deep inside you know your diying, slowly but shortly, you stared at the miror and see the reflection of the person who still haven’t done enough, you still struggle but when coming out doors, you show in so great shape, showing happiness and all this other goodies, making people think that there is nothing wrong, well that’s me, perhabs it is you also. Go ahead and tell me more about yourselfs, I’ll tell you more about me in just a bit, see if you trully know yourselfs the way others do, see if you can find the real you, see if by any means necesary you find some light at the end of the tunel, belive me you will. Will it make a different if you go to church, if you get a degree, if you live the life of a law abiding citicen, will it make a difference if you sell drugs, rob people, steal, rape even kill, if you don’t procastinate you own life thinking you’ll never die, if you don’t drink, smoke, or perhabs use any other way to get high, drunk, etc. Does it make a difference if you criticize others life style, eather they gay, homosexuals, bysexuals, just crazy per say, they all out, nasty, pigs, motherfuckers or bitches, if they quiet or just very loud, maybe anoying, big loud mouth, noisy, scary, arrogant, stupid, just to mention a few words, names, of the once we usually used, and when I say (WE), I’m including myself, because I”M NOT PREFECT AND I DO KNOW I SAY THE SAME FUCKING SHIT, JUST LIKE YOU, DIFFERENCE IS, THAT I SAY IT INFRON OF THEM, YOU, OR ANYBODY… There is and will not be no difference, we are all gonna die one day and all are gonna get judge by the same man, God., so why doing all this shit the way we are so used to do it?, simply because it is supposed to be done that way, it is the way it’s lay down, the cards were dealt that way, and we damn sure are playing a very fucked up game…

… Well me, lets see…, I’m an asshole just to begin with, I don’t take so much shit, nore I speak of it, too serious most of the time, perhabs you laught too much, but reality is, that inside you are as serious as me, just can’t show it, do you?, If I have something to say or speak about, I’m goin to, but I’ll garantee that most of it you will not agree with, nore like, but still, ask me, if i give a damn, answer will be (hell fucking no), understand!!… Not like most, I’m not looking to get a like nore an opinion, really and truly I’m not interested, I’m actually interested, very interested!! in you seeing who you really are, and then!!, maybe then!!, you and I can be very, very good friends… I guess, nahhh, I do not guess, what I am saying it’s very simple, I’m just too fucking honest, too fucking real, to fucking straight up, to be sitting around a hole lot of cock-suckers, but don’t get it twisted neither, I am one hell of a guy…

Jajajajajajajaja, enjoy it, ’cause this is me!!!… :()


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